CREATIVE SPACES – built to liberate, inspire & last

Creative Spaces is a boutique builder specializing in durable & inspirational homes from design to execution.  We incorporate energy-efficiency improvements such as a high-performance building envelope, industry leading HVAC systems, high-performance windows, energy-efficient appliances and lighting.

Being a boutique builder affords us the ability to give your home the critical attention it requires. We take time to understand the way you live to craft your dream into reality.  After you have a firm understanding of your options, we give you a refined plan for us to executre based on your needs and within your budget.

Please contact us for more information regarding our design and build services

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Healthy Home
Energy Efficient
Be Green

Building without Compromise

Making a dream a reality takes a lot of planning and proper execution. Too many times we have seen beautiful homes which needed major overhauls due to overlooked details or installation issues. We pride ourselves on unparalleled attention to detail, from before the first draft of a floor plan to our creation of your home which will liberate, inspire & last. We are creating next generation homes by utilizing the industries finest materials and technologies.

Parcels of land for sale in Queensbury, Lake George and Wilton. We also will build on your own land throughout the Adirondacks and capital region.