Character and quality comes from within the home’s core, not just what is seen on the surface. Too much attention is paid to the kitchen and bathrooms, leaving the rest of house dull and unbalanced.

There are many significant benefits which come from building new or purchasing a home in compliance with current building energy codes. Advances in materials and practices have changed the way we think of what a home is and can be. Although codes have improved the industry standard, it’s still not enough as far as we’re concerned; your home is constantly under attack, and we go above and beyond to protect the home from moisture, exterior environmental contaminants and pests.

We create distinguished homes through understated elegance, thoughtful floor plans and meticulous detail. The guiding principle of our projects is to be mindful of how our buildings will become part of the fabric of the community. No two projects will be alike, as the aesthetic of each home is attuned to the history and architecture of each neighborhood.

We build with a belief system which is uniquely focused on smart, efficient and effective homes. Some of the benefits of this include:

  • Increasing durability of the building envelope, thus creating better indoor air quality
  • Preventing air leaks which could bring contaminants and pollutants in from outside of the conditioned space, potentially preventing associated financial and health issues
  • Preventing possible moisture, mold, and rot problems
  • Saving energy and reducing water use in the house via hot water piping insulation
  • Increasing the comfort and safety of the home’s occupants
  • Tax benefits

Short-Term Benefits of Green Building:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Reduced water consumption, leading to lower water bills
  • Lower home maintenance costs
  • Healthier homes with better indoor air quality

Long-Term Benefits of Green Building:

  • Sustained, overall reduction of home energy used, giving you more money in the bank
  • Reduced energy dependence
  • Lessened strain on water supply
  • Minimized product and building material use
  • Less pollution for the Earth through responsible energy use
  • Preservation of natural resources for future generations
  • Greater family comfort, health and peace of mind

Lot Design, Preparation and Development

  • Develop home site to minimize environmental intrusion during on-site construction
  • Conserve existing on-site vegetation and preserve viable trees
  • Manage stormwater to minimize soil disturbance and erosion

Home Design And Resource Efficiency

The floor plan is designed to ensure efficient living areas which maximize space, using advanced framing techniques including:

  • Engineered lumber, including I-Joists
  • Radiant barrier sheeting
  • Thermal house wrap

Expert home design reduces material use. We also use salvaged materials when appropriate and possible: newel posts, flooring, light fixtures, beams, bricks, etc.